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EDEM 2011

Wirtschaftskammer Vienna
University of Economics and Business Administration Vienna
Austrian Airlines - Official Carrier

2011 Conference on Electronic Democracy

Sept. 8-9, 2011 University of Economics and Business Administration, Vienna

eDemocracy applications have matured covering an ever increasing range of applications, ranging from transparency and information, discussion, deliberation and consultation projects to decision-making and voting, thus encompassing the entire democratic process. A critical reflection of the experience made is indicated:

  • How can eDemocracy support and enrich our democracy and not leave participants disenfranchised?
  • How can the Internet increase citizen participation in political decision-making?
  • Where and how can eDemocracy mechanisms and systems be used in the administrative process?
  • What are the limitations and the risks of eDemocracy? This not only concerns obvious technical risks, but also issues in project management, inclusion, acceptance and effectiveness.
  • What and where are the interfaces, what methods can be used to integrate eParticipation in present public administration processes?
  • How can we ensure that the greatest number of people are reached and are able to use the means of participation?
  • How can the modern media support political education?
  • As a special topic the conference will deal with the new European Citizens’ Initiative enabled by the Treaty of Lisbon, which creates a unique means for EU citizens to participate on the European level.

EDEM 2011 presents the unique opportunity to discuss these questions and find possible answers. During the conference experience will be shared, examples of good (and maybe not so good) practice analysed, the State-of-the-Art and future scenarios will be presented and discussed.

The main conference language is English; submissions in German are also acceptable.

We invite individuals from academic and practical backgrounds as well as public administration offices, public bodies, NGOs, education institutions and independent organisations, to submit their contributions.


  • EUR 95,- for authors
  • EUR 115,- early bird rate für participants who register until July 17, 2011
  • EUR 135,- for participants who register after July 17, 2011

The fee includes conference, proceedings and social program during the conference.
Pre-conference social program to be announced.

The Proceedings will be published by the Austrian Computer Society.